Why masseter Botox gone wrong


Injections of Botox or Botulinum Toxin A into the masseter muscle will relax this facial muscle, which will cause the jawline to become smaller (Jawline Slimming) and less square-looking.

Botox is often only used in wrinkle-reduction procedures. However, it can benefit several ailments, such as hyperhidrosis and enlargement of the masseter muscle.

After receiving a botulinum toxin injection into the masseter muscle, a square face will change into a more V-shaped one. Botox injections in the masseter muscle are a quick, painless, and safe way to slim down your face and reduce your jaw size. But, in this blog, we will examine why masseter botox went wrong and all other related information to botox gone wrong.

Too Much Botox: Botox Gone Wrong?

Have you ever met someone and questioned whether something seemed strange about their facial appearance? A little too much Botox, perhaps? A stiff forehead or unusually tight facial expressions? You don’t remember seeing that kind of asymmetry in their face before. But, of course, any of these could be symptoms of botched Botox treatment.

Let’s look at some real-world instances of Botox gone wrong and discuss how to prevent getting “too much Botox” in the future.

Masseter Botox Gone Wrong

One of the uncommon side effects of jaw surgery that results in a crooked grin is Masseter Botox. This side effect, meanwhile, might not be caused by a high dosage of Botox for the jaw but rather by the toxin accidentally spreading to the nearby muscles.

Masseter Crooked Smile after Botox

Asymmetry in the jawline or grin is a potential Masseter Botox adverse effect. However, this situation is typically transient and shouldn’t continue too long.

Forehead botox went wrong.

Botox injections into the forehead to reduce wrinkles can cause the forehead and upper eyelid to droop, giving off an elderly, worn-out appearance. Consult your doctor about a gentle procedure that has a balanced appearance.

Crow’s feet with botched Botox

You will appear uneven if, for instance, one side of your crow’s feet has had more work done.

Botox is a powerful anti-aging treatment, but only a trained injector understands how much it might eliminate your natural facial expressions. Furthermore, there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to Botox.

Botox in Chin Gone Wrong

The chin’s muscles are thin and closely spaced. Rarely, Botox injections around the chin may produce asymmetrical muscular contractions, giving the lower lip a lopsided appearance.

Injectable Frozen Face

There are many signs of frozen faces caused by Botox:

  1. A strangely expressionless gaze
  2. immobile brow muscles
  3. unmoved, pretending to smile
  4. a generally stern face

By selecting Baby Botox, you can prevent a Botox frozen face in the first place. Additionally, Botulinum toxin injections for wrinkles should not be administered too early and at too close intervals; otherwise, the muscles risk being entirely paralyzed.

Eyebrow Botox for Spock

Excessive forehead With just one degree separating an over-arched brow from a frozen forehead, Botox can cause you to look like Captain Spock from Star Trek. The eyebrow’s tail seems pulled because the Botulinum toxin was applied incorrectly.

Botox injections boil down to understanding facial structure to avoid Spock’s eyebrows, so pick your doctor wisely.

What to Do If You Have Too Much Botox?

The most frequent events that result in receiving too much Botox are frequently linked to an untrained physician.

It is essential to receive Botox injections from a professional who has received thorough training and has amassed substantial expertise in how this medication functions through enough clinical practice. By reducing muscular contractions, Botox works. However, the following things may happen when the muscle is overly relaxed:

  1. When the frontalis muscles receive too much Botox, the eyebrows on the forehead arch excessively, giving you a perpetual expression of astonishment.
  2. Too much Botox in the forehead muscles makes the eyebrows hang, which makes the upper eyelids appear heavy and hooded, giving your face an uneasy appearance all the time.
  3. Your facial expression is significantly altered when you have too much Botox around the eyes; your face appears frozen.
  4. An odd-looking permanent smile that mimics The Joker from the Batman movies results from overusing Botox around the mouth.

Botox Before And After Gone Wrong

What are the telltale symptoms that your Botox procedure did not go as planned? Botox’s gone awry is evident by remarkable outcomes such as facial asymmetry (one side of the bad Botox face doesn’t match the other), overhanging eyebrows, sagging eyelids, or the inability to move the forehead.

Less is more when it comes to Botox. A trained injector will use modest doses to give you a soft, natural appearance that doesn’t restrict how your face moves.

You can appear more rested with more defined brows, more open eyes, and skin that looks smoother and younger after a successful Botox procedure.



An ant bite or a little prick would be how the Botox injection would feel. However, most patients report great comfort during their treatments.


Botox from Masseter is usually regarded as secure. However, the surgery could have unfavorable outcomes:

Injection site discomfort or swelling, bruises, headaches, or flu-like symptoms

bent smile drooling


Since masseter Botox doesn’t influence your grin because it doesn’t target the muscles involved, smile.

Unwanted diffusion to neighboring muscles is one of the side effects of the Botox injection, and if this happens to your smiling muscle, it might result in an uneven smile. Visiting a medical clinic will help you avoid this.


After injecting Botox into the masseter muscle, chewing may cause minor dull irritation. However, this only persists briefly and should go away in a week.


Following the masseter Botox procedure, you can resume your regular activities immediately. There is no recovery period needed. But for the next 24 hours, you must refrain from the following:

  1. massaging the region that has been treated
  2. exerting pressure on the area that has been treated
  3. The toxin may spread to other areas of your face due to these acts.

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