Teens with Curves

Teens with Curves |Why teens girls go through changes during puberty

Changes in puberty come as a surprise to every girl. But it’s different for everyone. So don’t be surprised if you haven’t recognized all the signs in yourself yet. Here are the details so you can be prepared when it happens! Let’s discuss teens with curve, what happen with girls body while puberty start.

Grow really fast

And suddenly your jeans are too short. This is called a “growth spurt” and is one of the signs that puberty has started.

At first you may notice that your feet and hands are getting bigger. Next, your arm and leg bones grow, making you taller. You may also gain weight as your bones have grown. This is also called the “difficult time” because you think your body proportions are out of joint. No need to worry! Your body knows what it’s doing and soon everything will straighten itself out.

Bigger Breasts

Your breasts develop in phases. First you notice what feels like “buds” or swelling under your nipples. After that, your breasts will gradually get bigger and fuller, and sometimes they hurt. It’s different for every girl. How big or small your breasts will be depends on the physical, genetic makeup that runs in your family. Wondering how big they will end up being? It takes two to three years for them to reach their permanent size.

Are your breasts different sizes? One breast may grow more than the other at first, but this will resolve over time (most women have different sized breasts, and the difference is often hard to tell).


Hair Hair will grow in your private parts, on and above your vagina. At first only a few and they are still very soft. Later, longer and they get a bit frizzy too. Hair under your armpits also grows during this time. Now you can ask your mom to help you shave or give you tips if you want.

More curves on the body

Hello curves! As your pelvic bone (the large bone at your hip) starts to grow, your hips will get wider, your breasts bigger, and your waist smaller. In other words, your body is starting to “get in shape”. These are normal changes during puberty.

Some girls gain weight quickly during this time. Exercise and eat well, but don’t worry. Weight gain is a natural part of puberty.

More sweat

Is it that hot in here? It could just be that you’re sweating more. Because your sweat glands get bigger and more active. This is a good time to try deodorant with Mom’s help.

Oily skin and hair

Pimples, pimples and grease – oh no! During puberty, your skin’s pores produce more oil, especially on your face. Maybe acne too. Now you should wash your hair and face differently and more often. But don’t panic! Everyone else your age also struggles with pimples and pustules.

Changes in your genitals

Your genitals get bigger and change during puberty. The outer parts (the vulva) are enclosed by two pairs of lips. Hair grows on the big lips, but not on the inner ones. But they get a little bigger. You can’t see it, but inside your body, your vagina is getting longer and your uterus is getting bigger.


Does your underwear sometimes get a little wet now? Have you noticed white or yellow spots in your panties at the end of the day? This is called vaginal discharge, which is fluid your body produces to naturally keep your vagina moist and clean. This is perfectly normal and means that you are likely to get your period soon.


A clear sign that puberty is beginning! In the first two years after the first period, the menstrual periods are quite unpredictable. It can happen that you have had one period and then it can take up to six months for the next one to come. One period can last only one day, another ten days. Intermenstrual bleeding can occur in between. It takes a year or two for the frequency to level off. Eventually, your period settles into a regular pattern that is unique to your body.

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