Malu Trevejo Before Surgery

Look at Malu Trevejo before and after plastic surgery. She owned up to performing a boob job otherwise known as bosom inserts through famous plastic specialist Dr. Miami.

Malu Trevejo is one of the Latin music industry’s trendiest entertainers. Notwithstanding the way that she’s just been in this area for a couple of years, she has proactively shown she has the stuff to make music that addresses a different crowd.
While she hasn’t sent off a full-length collection, her presentation EP, Una Vez Mas, has earned extensive consideration. Malu is a powerful craftsman who likes to integrate each component of her legacy into her music, with a blend of English and Spanish tracks.

Besides, Malu is a renowned online entertainment powerhouse with a huge number of fans, notwithstanding her famous music profession.

Of late, this flexible craftsman is at the front of plastic medical procedure hypotheses on the web. Dissimilar to most different big names, she’s owned up to undergoing surgery and made sense of her explanations behind doing as such.

Malu Trevejo’s Plastic Surgery Includes Breast Implants

Did malu trevejo get a boob job? yes.
Malu Trevejo before and after boob job plastic surgery. Malu Trevejo is believed to have undergone plastic surgery after she was not fond of her body. She previously shared a TikTok video with a renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Miami.

A couple of days subsequent to posting the clasp, she shared an Instagram Story expressing, “I did it,” suggesting she effectively went through superficial medical procedure.

Trevejo then, at that point, showed her injuries following the medical procedure. “I just flew off the handle wounds in my boobs LOL,” she composed. “I’ll simply have a go at wearing sun where it can’t see it.”

Afterward, Malu Trevejo took to Instagram where she tended to her restorative updates. She said,

I have some news to tell you guys. I don’t know if I should post a picture today and tell y’all the news in the caption. Yeah, let me know if I should. You know, I’m still healing. I’m not fully healed, but I’m better, you know. I could move. I could take pictures, so let me know if I should.

Making sense of the course of boobs job, the singer added,

So y’all know, boobs, when you first get them they’re really perky unless it’s like, you know, four weeks. You know that you have them already and they start going down and start looking more natural just like now.

Afterward, she showed the aftereffects of her restorative undertakings. You could quickly see her bosoms look a lot greater at this point.

However, fans were parted over her choice to undergo surgery. One client said,

She was already pretty, she didn’t need plastic surgery.

One other said,

She’s pretty lemme be like her good.

One more claimed.

I better not see ppl talking negatively on this.. It’s her body, her choice.

You can watch Malu Trevejo discussing her restorative techniques here. She additionally shows her bosoms understanding a medical procedure and makes sense of the explanation she chose to pull out all the stops.

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