• Risks of using homemade Lubricants such as Creams, Vaseline or oils
    Lubricants have become a common element, sometimes essential, in sexual relations. Although many women lubricate without any problems, menopause, cancer treatments, or a low amount of estrogen in the body can cause vaginal dryness. This results in uncomfortable and painful intercourse. However, even if you don’t suffer from these kinds of problems, lubricants are very useful in cases where
  • How can I measure 3/4 cup without a measuring cup?
    What is 3/4 cup? How do you measure 3/4 cups without a measuring cup? An easy way is by using a tablespoon. what does 3 4 cup look like? An accurate measurement shows that 1 cup equals 16 tablespoons, and 3/4 cup equals 12 tablespoons. What else can I use if I don’t have a
  • 5 Amazing Black Tip Nails
    Consider Black Tip Nails this season if you’re seeking a fresh nail style or some interesting new nail ideas! Black nails can be so much more intriguing than simply painting your nails with black nail polish and calling it a day, despite what you may think when you hear the term. Black nails and black
  • Types of bruises and what they mean
    What bruises should you worry about? When to worry about bruises? Bruises are not typically something to cause undue concern about. These are often superficial injuries that do not require medical attention, and people can treat them at home. But, in some cases, a person may want to seek medical attention form their bruises. A common problem is a bruise. What color of bruise is bad?
  • Kay Robertson Weight Loss
    The reality show Duck Dynasty star Kay Robertson always loved by numerous of people. numerous people came her suckers because she’s so funny and of course she’s gorgeous. lately, Kay Robertson bruited for lose some of weight because of her body seems slimmer than she used to be. As for your information, Kay Robertson body distributed as a bit of fat. Her weight was about 100 kilograms, but some of her suckers set up her old picture that she used to had an ideal body. At her youthful age, Kay Robertson weight was 50 kilograms. And after some times, she had fat and now she lose some weight again. Did Kay Robertson Lose Weight? Before & After Weight Loss Kay Robertson has not participated anything related to her adding weight. Her weight loss news is lately surfacing on different social media platforms like