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Best Eyelash extension Brands in 2022

When buying Eyelash extension, it may be difficult for you to choose due to the high variety that exists in the market, so through the following article we will teach you everything you need to know about Best eyelash extension brands.

Important points about Eyelash extension

  • An eyelash extension is, in short, a cosmetic accessory or complement, which consists of false hair with a longer length than common eyelashes, which is applied to the eyelid area, where the natural eyelashes are, allowing to enhance and deepen the look of who wears them.
  • Within the market there are many variants of eyelash extensions, but the most prominent are the 1D and 2D, which generate classic effects such as mascara and eyeliner. In the case of 1D, the eye expands with an effect similar to a mask, while 2D achieve a fine and elegant finish, like eyeliner.
  • Before making the decision and buying your ideal model of eyelash extensions, you must take into account certain factors that allow comparisons between one option and another, so that you can make the correct purchase without any mishap. Aspects such as effect, thickness, adhesion and resistance are essential.

Best Eyelash Extensions Brands

1. Filfeel Natural Silk Eyelash Extensions

This model presents a characteristic that makes it stand out, and it is the naturalness of the eyelashes. Although it is true that the extensions are not natural, the more they appear to be, the better the final result of the makeup will be on your eye.

The material they use is natural silk, which allows both their appearance and the lace in the eye to look completely fluid, so that it is not too noticeable that they are extensions. They are easy to apply and dust-proof, and come in a variety of sizes to suit your eye type.

2. MISS LA MODE Tray Eyelash Extensions

With this model, several easy applications are obtained, since its content in a tray provides several extensions, so that you can use a single package for several occasions. They are handmade from Korea, and guarantee a high level of softness, fineness and delicacy.

They are very easy to curl, since their softness allows it. In addition to this, they are extremely easy to install. Although its material is not natural, the appearance and quality allows it to look that way.

3. LASHVIEW Salon Lashes

With this model presented by the LASHVIEW brand you can have an incredible and realistic result. These lashes have a very natural look that gives a very clean finish.

One aspect to highlight about this model is that it is for professional use, that is, if you want to apply these eyelash extensions, you must do it with the help of someone specialized. This may seem cumbersome, but the result is worth it.

4. RFAIKA Waterproof Eyelash Extensions

This option is more economical and of high quality. Provides a very prominent and highlighting finish, so you can highlight your eyes along with the makeup you apply. They are ideal for special occasions.

They are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about water while using them, and their application is simple. The look can be a bit artificial compared to the other models, but with good makeup it won’t be too noticeable.

Shopping Guide about eyelash extensions brands

After knowing the best models on the market, according to the opinions of the clients and the quality of each presentation of the product, you can already have a fairly clear idea of ​​what you want to buy. However, there are various terms and factors that you should know before making your purchase, so that the product is correct.

1D and 2D eyelash extensions: what should you pay attention to?

Within the cosmetics section, when we talk about eyelash extensions, there are certain types that you should know before acquiring your ideal model. In this case, there are two very relevant types that you should take into account, which are 1D and 2D eyelash extensions.

1D Extension: This model of eyelash extension allows, in short, to generate a mask or mascara effect, without the need to use it, all using only the shape of the extension.

Among the main characteristics of this type of extension is the curly shape. As we have already said, the effect needs to be as if mascara had been applied, so this type of extension is curved and raised, so that it generates this appearance.

2D extension: With this model, a different effect from the previous one is generated. Although with 1D the effect is similar to mascara, with 2D the “eyeliner” or eyeliner is generated, which allows not only the eye to stand out, but also to see a makeup effect that is not really there.

The difference is that, normally, the 2D have two lash hairs per point, while the 1D only have one hair. The addition is what allows the eye to visually appear as if there is makeup on it.

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

Depending on the model you choose, the price may vary, however, in general terms, eyelash extensions are not very expensive. You must take into account that factors such as brand, material or popularity can influence the cost.

Natural effect eyelash extensions can cost between 150 MXN and 300 MXN, depending on the brand and material you use. Lashes made from natural materials, and offering an organic look, can range from 160 MXN to 300 MXN.

Other models, such as 1D and 2D can be a little higher, this due to the specific effect they generate, the values ​​that you can find in the market range from 200 MXN to 500 MXN.

Where to buy eyelash extensions?

There are private stores that are dedicated to selling this product, in them you will find high quality models and complete advice during your purchase process. Department stores like MLashes are ideal for you to buy your eyelash extensions.

If you feel like shopping online more, the safest options are Mercado Libre México and Amazon México, where you will find not only a variety of models, but also the opinion of customers who have already used the product.

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