Benefits of Spray Tanning

The spray tan trend comes, how could it be otherwise, from the USA and has meanwhile also provided countless male regular customers for European tanning studios. Why? Because the tan is applied particularly evenly using the airbrush technique, without any stains or UV damage – and in record time. Even Hollywood stars like Ashton Kutcher and Ryan Reynolds don’t want to do without a spray tan anymore and shine with their complexions in the limelight. Let’s discuss about Benefits of Spray Tanning.

Benefits of Spray Tanning

1. Spray tanning is harmless to health

A substance called dihydroxyacetone, or DHA for short, is responsible for the tan. It reacts with certain proteins on the skin and creates a dye that darkens our skin. Since everything happens superficially, the substances do not penetrate the circulatory system and are completely washed away again after one to two weeks. This is the first spray tan benefit.

2. You get a healthy skin tone on demand

The day after tomorrow is your best friend’s wedding and your godchild is being christened and it’s Mother’s Day and you look like you haven’t seen the sun in ten years? No problem! A spray tan session lasts about half an hour and you’ll be ready for all photo opportunities in no time.

3. A harmless alternative to the solarium

This is the most common benefits of a spray tan. If you used to see a visit to the solarium as a minor offense against your skin, you now know that it is one of the most unhealthy and dangerous things you can do to your own body. If you want to prepare yourself visually for your summer vacation, you should replace the four visits to the solarium with one at the spray-tan studio. Your skin will thank you if you protect it from dangerous UVA and UVB rays.

4. Healthy tan without risk

In comparison to the solarium or natural sun tanning, you are not exposed to harmful UV rays and therefore do not have to worry about sunburn and pigment spots. The treatment is completely harmless to health and suitable for all skin types. Only in the case of neurodermatitis or psoriasis is spray tanning not recommended, as it can lead to increased skin dryness.

5. Even result 

Thanks to the fine spray mist, the tanning agent is evenly distributed. Unsightly stains and irregularities, as known from conventional self-tanning products for use at home, don’t stand a chance here.

6. Record time

while you have to sizzle in the sun for hours to see just the beginnings of a tanned complexion, spray tanning takes a crisp 10 minutes! A tanning corresponds to about 3-5 trips to the solarium.

7. Tailor-made tanning

Freshly kissed by the sun or rather as if you had been on vacation in the south for several weeks? The tan can be built up as desired and always looks natural. Shadows can also be sprayed on different parts of the body so that the muscles come into their own.

How long does the spray tan last?

Unfortunately, spray tanning does not last very long, only about 7 to 12 days . It depends on the skin type and skin regeneration. Some tanning salons recommend constantly moisturizing the skin so that the tan lasts longer. However, be careful here! Lotions or body butters that are too nutrient-rich can do the exact opposite. It is better to use a mild body milk and only if the skin seems dry. 

How much does spray tanning cost?

The prices for a spray tanning session vary between 20 and 50 dollars depending on the provider. In addition, there may be costs for individual skin care after the session, such as scrubs and creams.

Can you get even tanner from the sun despite spray tanning?

The answer is quite clear: yes. Spray tanning is not a sunblock . The UV rays of the sun still get through and tan the skin. So always wear sunscreen.

Checklist for preparing for spray tanning

1: Shave thoroughly beforehand

The beard and other unwanted body hair should be shaved at least 48 hours before the treatment so that the skin can regenerate and calm down before the treatment appointment. 

2: Oil-free body scrub

An oil-free body scrub the day before removes dead skin cells. This ensures an even result and the tanning is better absorbed.

3: Create a non-fat base

Do not apply any oil or greasy products before spray tanning, otherwise the spray tan will not adhere well to the skin.

4: Clean

Show up for the treatment without perfume , deodorant or body lotion.

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