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All you need to know about Artichoke Tea 

Artichoke tea is a somewhat different tea for connoisseurs and health-conscious connoisseurs. Often referred to as a superfood, many studies have documented the artichoke’s many notable positive effects on health and well-being, such as stimulating the metabolism or its anti-inflammatory properties.

With us you get the leaves of the artichoke in cut form for use as a tea. The leaves are not only harvested at the right time (before the plant blooms), but also carefully dried and cut. The fibrous, lumpy consistency is natural and is the result of drying and cutting the fleshy artichoke leaves.

Artichokes: preparation and medicinal properties

The artichoke (Cynara cardunculus, Syn. Cynara scolymus) is a thistle-like, vigorously cultivated plant from the daisy family. It is also one of the healthy foods. Because it relieves flatulence, helps with feelings of fullness and has a positive effect on cholesterol levels. The artichoke also plays an important role in preventing arteriosclerosis. In the following we give tips on how to prepare artichokes.

The ingredients of the artichoke Tea

The bitter substance cynarin they contain stimulates the metabolism of the liver and bile. Apart from being cooked, their leaves are used in juices, teas, dry extracts and tinctures. In addition, their medicinal and dietetic effect is attributed to the content of special flavonoids and quinic acid derivatives.

Artichokes Preparation: Two delicious recipes

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1. Artichokes Tea Recipe

First, take 1 teaspoon of dried artichoke leaves and pour 150 ml of boiling water over them.

Then cover and let steep for 10 minutes , then pour through a sieve and sweeten the bitter tea with honey if necessary. Then, to increase appetite, drink a cup half an hour before eating.

Drink a cup immediately after a meal for good digestion.

2. Artichokes Juice Recipe

The juice is pressed from fresh leaves or bought ready-made fresh plant juice. You drink about 25 ml of the juice.

In addition, this helps a lot

  • stomach pain,
  • digestion
  • and increases well-being.

Artichoke leaves as a tea

Artichoke leaves are often used to strengthen the body’s digestive functions, especially the bile and liver. For this it is sufficient to pour half a teaspoon of the artichoke leaves with hot water for a cup. This tea should then steep for several minutes. If you want to strengthen yourself before eating, you are welcome to drink the artichoke tea beforehand. However, it is also possible immediately afterwards or as required and desired.

Use of artichoke leaves 

The buds of the plant have been prepared in a variety of ways in the kitchen since ancient times. 

The artichoke leaves are mainly enjoyed for nutritional strengthening of digestion, fat metabolism, liver and bile. 

Old traditions around artichoke leaves

Artichokes are currently a type of trendy vegetable that is being used more and more in modern cuisine. The tasty “thistle” was already well known in ancient Egypt. Roman mythology also tells us that before the artichoke came into being, it was a beautiful young woman named Cynaria. The god Jupiter fell in love with her. When the young woman did not want to return his love, he transformed her into a rather unattractive plant – the artichoke.

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Note: People who areallergic to artichokes and other composite plants should not take artichoke extracts. In addition, anyone who suffers from gallstones or a blockage of the bile ducts should also avoid artichokes.

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